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Revolutionary Treatment for Bruxism, Migraines, and TMJ Dysfunction


Bruxism, an unconscious grinding and clenching of the teeth, can cause migraines, damage teeth, and contribute to temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD). The primary causes of bruxism are stress and tension. Dentists have found that the NTI-tss can prevent clinching and grinding.


Research indicates that 40 million Americans suffer from migraines or tension headaches. The FDA reported that 82% of patients professionally diagnosed with migraines experienced a 77% average reduction in attacks in the first eight weeks while using the NTI-tss.

TMJ Dysfunction

Sometimes referred to as TMD, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction is caused by overstimulation of the trigeminal nerve, which is caused by excessive teeth occlusion. By reducing the intensity of the occlusion, the NTI-tss can relieve TMJ pain.

How Does NTI-tss Work?

Bruxism, many migraines, and TMJ dysfunction result from a jaw muscle/nerve malfunction. As a customized oral appliance, the NTI-tss interrupts the involuntary tug of war between the jaw's side and temporal muscles, reducing clenching intensity by one-third, thus reducing the barrage of negative impulses transmitted by nerves. Furthermore, the device causes muscles to relax in a stable position so that you and those hyperactive malfunctioning muscles can rest. Often this eliminates bruxism-related migraines and various kinds of TMJ pain. Some patients experience relief after one night, while others find comfort after a few weeks of wearing the NTI-tss.

The Facts About NTI-tss

The NTI-tss appliance features a snap-in fit to stay secure during the night. Children cannot wear the standard device, but a special appliance can be made for primary teeth. Believe it or not, many insurance policies will help cover the costs of the appliance because it is FDA approved for migraine treatment and falls under the category of oral appliance or splint!

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