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Cornerstone Dental commonly recommends two main types of mouthguards.  


The jaw muscle, or masseter muscle is actually one of the strongest muscles in the human body, and it can produce up to 200 pounds of pressure when you clench or grind your teeth.   Often times you may not even be aware of your clenching or grinding, because it is commonly done while sleeping.  If your teeth are left unprotected, the tremendous forces of clenching and grinding can cause significant trauma.  This can result in chipping or breaking that exposes sensitive dentin or nerve.  The fractures, chips and weakened enamel can result in cavities, additional fractures and even lead to a root canal or extraction.

An example of one of the nightguards that we recommend is demonstrated below.

A properly fitted custom dental night guard can substantially decrease damage caused by clenching and grinding and prevent damage.  If your dentist has recommended a night guard and you haven't yet obtained one, it is highly recommended that you do.  Wearing a nightguard can literally save your teeth.  


Cornerstone Dental proudly offers custom sports mouthguards through PlaySafe®.  These custom mouthguards provide superior protection to teeth, gums, and even against concussions.

At Cornerstone Dental, we have always enthusiastically encouraged our patients in contact sports to wear athletic mouthguards.  However, the results of a study published in May/June of 2014 through the Academy of General Denstistry clearly indicate that custom dental athletic mouthguards protect athletes against concussions.  After learning that, we are even more passionate about this recommendation.  Not only is it important to wear a mouthguard to protect teeth and gums, but this new evidence demonstrates a 2:1 reduction in concussions with a properly made custom mouthguard over a boil and bite mouthguard.

Are you uncertain about whether or not your athelete is adequately protected by his or her sports mouthguard?  If so, we encourage you to bring it with you to your dental appointment at Cornerstone Dental and your dentist is happy to examine it's effectiveness with you.  


At Cornerstone Dental, we love sharing smiles and improving lives.  We want you to love your smile for many, many years to come, and that includes protecting your smile, and your teeth.  Whether you are sleeping, eating, or playing sports, we want to help you feel confident with long term dental health.  Be sure to use your mouth guards, it will absolutely help!

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