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Whitening Teeth

If your teeth are stained, discolored, or have just lost their youthful white luster, having your teeth professionally whitened or "bleached" by your dentist may be a terrific option for you.  

Professional Teeth Whitening Options

Cornerstone Dental offers a variety of tooth whitening options, including in-office KOR whitening options as well as take home kits with custom fit trays and a supervised bleaching process with products that will penetrate all the way to the secondary dentin.

Kor brand whitening products are especially useful in some cases that are hard to whiten, like with gray teeth, or teeth that has tetracycline stains.  Or even white flecks caused by enamel hypoplasia, fluorosis, or sometimes even decalcification.  


Opalescence Go whitening products are also available through Cornerstone Dental for use at home.  This is an easy, quick, and affordable way to brighten your smile. 

Home Treatment

Although there are some over the counter, or home remedies available, Dr. Ben Stroud from Cornerstone Dental says "Be cautious if you attempt to whiten your teeth on your own.  If you have any damage, fractures or cavities in your teeth, bleaching products can seep into holes, hit the nerve and be very painful.  In addition, some can lead to inconsistent splotches, some have chemical concentrations that can damage your teeth and gums, and some can result in an inconsistent chalky look.  

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