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Fastbraces in Knoxville

Filed under: Cosmetic Dentist,Knoxville Dentist Brittany Speed @ 7:17 pm

Dr. Jody Griffin at Cornerstone Dental Arts in Knoxville, TN is pleased to offer Fastbraces.  This system’s revolutionary design provides safe, effective, beautiful and long lasting orthodontic results. Fastbraces is designed to straighten teeth in a much shorter time period than traditional braces. Unlike traditional braces that can take over two years to rearrange a crooked smile, Fastbraces offers a patented design that can get results faster and easier than ever.  Typical results can be seen in as little as five to ten months. (more…)

Tooth Colored Fillings

Filed under: Direct Restoration,Knoxville Dentist,Teeth Whitening,Veneers Brittany Speed @ 2:20 pm

Are you looking for Tooth Colored Fillings in Knoxville?

At Cornerstone Dental Arts, our practice specializes in Tooth Colored Fillings.  If you are looking for tooth colored fillings in or nearby Knoxville, Tennessee, look no further.  We are happy to offer a range of high-quality dental treatment to patients of any age, which includes offering metal-free, tooth colored fillings, or composite resin fillings.  These safe, durable, cosmetically-pleasing restorations offer not only the natural looking appearance of tooth structure, but often can cosmetically enhance (more…)

More than Just a Cleaning

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Regular Dental Visits are SO Much More than Just a Cleaning

When a new patient calls Cornerstone Dental, they will often request “just a cleaning”.  Although we are happy to schedule a cleaning with a hygienist, it is important that the visit also includes an initial exam with the dentist.  We want to clarify why this is truly more than just a cleaning.

Did you know that your biannual dental visit is the ONLY routine healthcare procedure that is recommended MORE than once a year?

Regular visits with your dentist are more than just a cleaning, they are an important part of a healthy lifestyle.
Regular visits with your dentist are an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Regular preventative dental visits are much more than just a cleaning.  Areas of concern addressed at a typical “cleaning and check-up” can include:


CEREC Crowns – One Day Crowns

Filed under: Cerec Crowns,Cosmetic Dentist,Knoxville Dentist Brittany Speed @ 12:11 pm

If you have never heard of a CEREC Crown or One Day Crown, Cornerstone Dental is happy to introduce you.

If you have found that you need a crown, your previous experience (or what you may have heard) is that you would need two appointments – one for preparation and placement of a temporary crown and one for placement of the permanent crown.  However, with CEREC®, that is not the case.

What is a crown?

A crown is essentially a tooth-shaped protective dental cap that restores a tooth’s shape, size, strength and appearance, and fully encases the visible portion of the tooth that lies at or above the gum line.   (more…)

Over The Edge

On the morning of August 29th, 2015 the four dentists of Cornerstone Dental went “Over The Edge” in downtown Knoxville to benefit the non-profit agency The Restoration House of East Tennessee.  This event took place at the 12-story Langley Building at 520 W. Summit Hill Drive (which was previously the Kimberly-Clark headquarters building).  It was a beautiful day, and fun was had by all.  Summer Street was closed to all traffic for the Block Party.  Kids and adults alike enjoyed the rock climbing, inflatable bounce houses, music, food vendors, booths and the cheering enthusiasts.

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The Restoration House founder Daniel Watson said he was initially intrigued by this specific opportunity because “We loved the name. (more…)