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What’s So Special About Intraoral Cameras?

Filed under: Dental Technology — Cornerstone Dental Arts @ 8:00 am

Getting up close and personal makes your dental exam even more accurate. And the naked eye just can’t see everything that there is to see, no matter how well your dentist passes their eye exam test. It is a fact of life that humans have their limitations, and no matter how precise we strive to be, there will always be the understanding that human eyes will not be able to see it all. Intraoral cameras are designed to help combat this issue.

intraoral camera

Before high-tech devices came into the picture, this concept was universally accepted and well understood. After all, what else could a dentist do with the tools they had? But now, intraoral cameras are changing the game. By being able to selectively scope out those areas that could not be seen well enough before with the naked eye, intraoral cameras are like a second set of eyes – but these can really get deep into the grooves, nooks, crannies, and more, giving dentists a closer view of what is going on in your mouth.

Here is some more valuable information about these special cameras and what you can expect when we use one during your next dental exam at Cornerstone Dental Arts. Intraoral cameras are changing the way we examine your teeth, now better than ever with modern advancements that are aiding dentists dramatically. 

Is the Intraoral Camera Going to Be Uncomfortable While Being Used?

Because the intraoral camera is so small in size, it will not be bothersome at all. The camera portion is at the tip of the wand, so we can direct it towards the areas of the mouth that we need to get a closer look at. The entire device is about the size of an electric toothbrush. If you do not find those to be uncomfortable while using, then you will not find the intraoral camera to be uncomfortable either. 

What Makes Intraoral Cameras So Efficient?

The intraoral camera captures high-resolution images of your teeth and gums as well as other areas of the mouth. These images are clear and well-defined, allowing us to see the specifics of every section. And we do not have to wait for the images to appear; everything is readily available in real time and neatly displayed on a convenient monitor right beside your chair. With less waiting, we can assess any dental issues you may be experiencing and get to a treatment plan right away. Additionally, since the monitor is right there in the office, you can view right along with the dentist and see exactly what they are seeing. You can ask questions along the way, voice your concerns, and better understand the diagnosis and outlook. With this type of transparency, another layer of trust in your dentist is achievable. Nothing is done behind the scenes to give you any doubts or concerns. We can also save all of the images taken by the intraoral camera to your file and add to your dental records to reflect back on exam after exam to note any changes or to keep tabs on an issue that has the potential to worsen if left unchecked or untreated.

Will You Use an Intraoral Camera for Every Dental Appointment?

intraoral camera

Depending upon the reason for your dental visit, we will determine if the use of an intraoral camera is necessary on a case by case basis. Most general dental exams will benefit from using the intraoral camera, and whenever we need a clearer view of a tooth or another area of the mouth, we may utilize the intraoral camera for its precision. It is safe to use, so we make the most of it when required. We will let you know if we intend to use the intraoral camera during your appointment…no surprises. 

Remember, every dental appointment at Cornerstone Dental Arts is geared towards making you feel completely comfortable and well taken care of by our staff. We are here to answer your questions about intraoral cameras, our other in-office tools and technology, or anything else that may be of concern to you. With new and exciting devices and advancements steadily improving the dental field, there is always something sophisticated being used during your dental visits. If you have never experienced an intraoral camera before, prepare yourself for a more modernized dental appointment with results you can rely on. No pain, more precision, and an all-around more perfect appointment. 

Are you due for a checkup? Now that you know more about intraoral cameras, expect an even greater level of excellence during your next dental examination. Check with the front desk if it is time for you to see us again. Give us a call at (865) 531-7117. We look forward to seeing you…and your teeth and gums with more precision than ever before thanks to the intraoral camera!