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Closeup of patient receiving laser dental care

Thanks to laser dentistry, the team at Cornerstone Dental Arts is now able to perform a multitude of procedures with more precision and efficiency than ever. In addition to helping you spend less time in the dentist’s chair, they also cause little to no discomfort because the highly-concentrated beam of light is able to seal off blood vessels and nerve endings during treatment. This means you’ll experience less bleeding and pain during a procedure, and your recovery will be much faster as well. In many cases, due to their gentle and accurate nature, lasers can be used with little or no anesthetic. Lasers are FDA approved and have been utilized in dentistry since 1994.

Young woman with flawless healthy smile

Cosmetic Uses

  • Contouring, reshaping, or removing some of the gum tissue surrounding teeth for a pleasing aesthetic result or for periodontal reasons (gingivectomy).
  • Lasers can also be used to speed up the reaction of whitening gels and enhance results.
Closeup of healthy teeth and gums

Excess or Swollen Gum Tissue Treatments

  • Removing excess soft tissue or growths for aesthetic or functional reasons (fibroma or hemangioma removals)
  • Gently removing swollen tissues that may be caused by systemic disease, medications, or poor oral hygiene (gingivoplasty).
  • Removing or clipping muscle attachments that may be causing excessive tissue loss around teeth, alignment issues, or interference with normal speech patterns (frenectomy).
closeup of patient pointing to cold sore

Treatment of Cold Sores and/or Canker Sores

  • By laser-treating a cold sore once the tell-tale tingling sensation begins (prior to the full-blown sore appearing), a dental laser can destroy the virus responsible for the sore, dramatically decrease healing time, and provide profound relief very quickly.
  • Laser treatment is also very effective at eliminating the stinging sensation and providing rapid healing for canker sores.
Closeup of teeth after gum disease treatment

Gum Disease Treatment

  • The benefits of treating gum disease, or periodontitis, are overwhelming because a laser can attack the periodontal inflammation at the microscopic level, which dramatically increases the chances of eliminating the infection.
  • Lasers allow access to depths that are simply inaccessible by traditional dental hygiene methods, so there is a greater likelihood of reducing inflammation.
Woman covering her mouth

Gum Disease and Your Overall Health

Gum disease is not only the MOST common cause of tooth loss among adults, but there is also a growing body of evidence that has linked serious gum disease (or periodontitis) to a number of “systemic” diseases that can afflict the body.

Gum disease has been linked to increased inflammation and chronic inflammatory diseases. Research has consistently shown that there is no doubt that having a healthy mouth goes far beyond personal appearance and having no cavities. The founders of The Mayo Clinic have stated, “A healthy mouth can add ten years to your life.” It has been suggested by not only the US Surgeon General, but in many other studies, that the pathology within the mouth and the chronic inflammation that can be present with periodontal disease can be linked to coronary heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, bacterial pneumonia, pregnancy complications, and many other health issues. 

Closeup of mouth being examined by dentist

How Gum Disease Can Affect More Than Your Mouth

When periodontitis is present, the gum tissue that surrounds the teeth essentially provide a portal or doorway for microscopic bacteria to access the entire body. Periodontitis disrupts disease management by diabetics and doubles their likelihood of having heart problems and kidney failure.

Pregnant women with a periodontal infection have an increased risk of preterm delivery and low birthweight babies.  Simply “managing” periodontal disease is simply unacceptable and ineffective. Our greater responsibility is to cure periodontal inflammation and infection. Cornerstone Dental Arts’ comprehensive approach allows us to focus on your needs with a new arsenal of weapons.

Smiling female patient shaking hands with dentist

Do Not Wait

The therapy provided by our dentists and hygienists is very effective in dealing with oral inflammation and infection. The sooner treatment is initiated, the better we are able to avoid the consequences of inaction. This is why we are so passionate about periodontal therapy. It is so much more than just a simple dental cleaning; it is in every way the practice of oral preventative and therapeutic medicine.

We use lasers to attack periodontal inflammation at the microscopic level of infection. The power of their focused light can destroy otherwise inaccessible bacterial colonies while simultaneously creating an ideal environment for healing. 

Come Experience 21st Century Dentistry

Today at Cornerstone Dental Arts, we offer our patients the hope of a better tomorrow by providing comprehensive oral healthcare in ways that were science fiction only a few years ago. To learn more about laser dentistry or schedule an appointment, please contact our office today.