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Every once in a while, one of our patients is kind enough to take the time and write about their experience with Cornerstone Dental Arts. Below, you can find just a few that we have gotten over the years, unedited and unabridged. As you can see, we always go the extra mile for our patients, and they just love the fact that they have everything they need with just one practice. Take a few minutes to read some, and we’re sure they’ll let you know that we’re the perfect place for your smile.

On 1/10/17 Dr. Ben Stroud completed a 3 week adjustment of my teeth and bite.  I have had TMJ and jaw problems related to the alignment of my teeth for over 25 years.  I have had tension and tightness & pain in the jaw.  I received splint therapy twice prior to coming to see Dr. Ben (12 years ago).  I chose Dr. Ben for my dentist when moving to Knoxville because of his training in issues with the jaw and TMJ.

This time Dr. Ben used his adjustments & alignments with the new equipment that aids in a closer adjustment of the teeth.  I immediately felt results!!Now I can eat a steak without tension or tightness in my jaw not even the next day!! This was a huge improvement.  Plus I found right away I was eating on both sides of my mouth which I have never done.  I had to ask if that was even normal! It feels so much better.

Now when I sleep on my side my jaw does not hurt in the morning as it used to do.  I am sleeping with my mouth closed also.  I am not having headaches anymore as a result of the new adjustments or having to take Tylenol or other pain relievers.  I can open my mouth without stress or tightness or the fatigue I used to have on a daily basis.

So far, this has been a wonderful new change for me.  I had never had such relief as I do now.

Thank you!!


Joyce M. W. 

The entire team at Cornerstone is amazing!  Dr. Griffin has taken care of my family for years.  Dr. Stroud solved my snoring issues with a simple and comfortable mouth piece.  I had tried every device on the internet nothing worked and I was headed for the dreaded c pap machine.  Dr. Stroud saved me from getting booted out of bed every night.

Thank you to the entire Cornerstone Dental Team!!  

Drew M.

These are consummate professionals.  Amazing work.  Wonderful caring attitude, and diligence to make sure your teeth are in the best shape ever. 

Leif P.

I came to Cornerstone after many years of bad experiences and expensive treatments from other dentists.  I had almost resigned myself to a life of shame and dental pain.  As a last ditch effort I visited the wonderful folks at Cornerstone Dental Arts.  From the front desk to the dental professionals, the customer service is amazing. Mary, Gail, and Carla provide administrative support making the whole experience as effortless as possible.  The dental staff worked as a team to provide the best possible experience, painless dental care with dignity.  Along providing dental procedures, Dr. Williams did my initial assessment, presented me with options and then helped me select the course of treatment that was right for me.  Dr. Griffin was professional, reassuring and caring as they took me through the complicated procedure.  It turned out much easier than I thought.  Of course, I have to mention the staff of dental assistants who were complete angels the entire time.  They were gentle and understanding to my specific condition.  Their biggest contribution was the compassion they provided to me, understanding the embarrassment I suffered from my teeth.  I am looking forward to finishing my treatments and having a smile I can be proud of.  

Karina C.

Dr. Stroud is amazing and so is his office staff.  Drink and snack is offered in the lush waiting room.  Very respectful and attentive staff.  I highly recommend using Cornerstone Dental Arts as your primary dental office.

Kayla S.

As a patient for almost 20 years, I always had utmost confidence in my dental care at Cornerstone.  Dr. Joe Griffin is an excellent cosmetic dentist and a great guy!  I also received great “perfectionist” care from Dr. Ben Stroud, who helped me with understanding TMJ issues as well.  Kim is the best hygienist ever! And the rest of the assistants and staff are great — very professional and positive.

Barbara B.

Very enjoyable experience!  Thank you Dr. Stroud and staff.

Sarah C.

Due to preexisting bone loss I showed up at Cornerstone with no teeth and dentures I could not wear. Dr Griffin, thru his determination, commitment and compassion, was able to rebuild bone for me, and complete the implant procedure. They were able to make an impression of my daughter’s teeth (she had my exact teeth) and my new teeth are perfect. My case presented quite the challenge, but Dr Griffin and his WONDERFUL STAFF, never wavered. I now have the most beautiful teeth and they fit so well I don’t even feel them. I can’t recommend Cornerstone enough, you will not be disappointed. Be prepared to be greeted warmly as you enter the door and made to feel that you are their priority.

Rhonda V.

Love Dr. Kimrey! Does pain free, excellent work.  Thrilled to have a dentist who cares and is exceptional at his craft.

Betsy B. 

Dr. Kimrey and his assistant Nikki were awesome!!!!!  I haven’t had a filling in 35 years and they had to replace a couple.  What a great experience I had there.  Quality Dentistry!!!

William F.

I HATE going to the dentist, in fact that might be an understatement.  Going to the dentist is like a perfect storm of all the things that i can’t stand rolled into one.  Cornerstone has literally saved my teeth.  I went more than a decade without going to the dentist, and finally got up the guts to go to them four years ago.  Dr. Griffin was able to use IV sedation to complete multiple fillings and a cleaning in one visit.  Recently I saw Dr. Williams for a root canal and crown.  Again I was able to be sedated with an IV and I don’t remember a thing.  And a bonus I had no pain after the work was complete.  We all hear horrible things about root canals, but this was a breeze. I have to give shouts to Dr. Williams and his team, as according to my husband I was a bit of a crazy person when they had me sedated, but they handled it with a smile (and probably a laugh, if what my husband says is even close to accurate).  The staff is great.  If you are like me and the dentist chair inspires fears and rears, call Cornerstone.  I highly recommend them. 

A. K. C.

I just finished major work on my entire mouth with Dr. Williams and his team.  I cannot say enough positive things about the quality of work, the beautiful state-of-the-art facility and above all, the kindness of the entire staff.  Dr. Williams was simply the best.

For the first time in my life a stranger recently approached me to comment on my beautiful smile.  I could not be happier with the results.  I am so grateful for my new smile, and my new friends at Cornerstone.  I actually look forward to my next cleaning!

If you have been putting off dental work out of fear or embarrassment, go see these dentists.  It is the smartest thing I have done in years.

Peggy M.

Great team at Cornerstone – by far the best group of professionals I have ever used for dental needs. I was in Knoxville for 10.5 years, and my family and I relied on them exclusively for everything from routine maintenance to major work. I am happy to recommend them.

Craig P.

Dr. Williams and the entire staff are awesome.  My son was terrified of going to the dentist because of BAD past experiences.  Dr. Williams was very patient with him and assured him that all he wanted was to make his experience as pleasant as humanly possible.  My son doesn’t care to go to the dentist now at all thanks to Cornerstone Dental Arts. The experience has been awesome and the work Dr. Williams done for my son is perfect.  Anyone needing a dentist please give Cornerstone Dental a try, you will not be sorry. If you are squeamish like my son they also offer sedation dentistry.  I cannot say enough great things about our experience and the results speak for themselves.

Susan F.

I hate the dentist and get anxiety.  Dr. Stroud is excellent though and has been very accommodating for my needs! I love the massage dental chair.  

David H.

My dental treatment at Cornerstone Dental is always extraordinary.  Dr. Stroud’s staff is pleasant, well trained and very courteous.  Dr. Stroud is thorough and wants to be kept abreast of any pain/discomfort I may be experiencing.  I love my new bridge and highly recommend Cornerstone Dental.

Richard F.

Really like Dr. Griffin, Gail and the entire team at Cornerstone.  My son and I have gone there for years and have always had a great experience and professional service.  Highly recommend.

Kelly F.

Worth driving 2½ hours for!  After reloacting to 2 different states from Knoxville and Cornerstone Dental, we had transferred our dental care.  Having been patients there for 11 years, we underestimated how “STATE OF THE ART,” and HONEST Cornerstone providers are.  Dr. Dan Anderson, Dr. Kimrey and Joy were sorely missed.  It seemed odd that our new dentists (with both new locations) were frequently trying to schedule us, for bogus and unnecessary services.  It seemed their priority was how much money they could make off us.  On our first visit back to Cornerstone, we knew we made the right decision, when my wife needed only a “sealant” on a tooth – instead of a filling.  THANK YOU Dr. Kimrey!  It is wonderful to be at Cornerstone again after enduring 3 years of “sub par” dentistry elsewhere.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Cornerstone because they are an INCREDIBLE, TRUSTWORTHY, and ETHICAL PRACTICE!  Cornerstone places your best interests first, and we can’t say enough about how FANTASTIC and PROFESSIONAL you will be treated.  It is great to be back to this AWESOME practice, and they are worth driving the few hours it takes.  Thank you Cornerstone!

David F.

I confess… I am terrified of dentists and I almost chickened out 3x in following through with my appt yesterday. I have never had a more thorough dental exam and Dr. Williams and his assistant were amazing.  I am so grateful to both of them for their patience and kindness. 

T. N. Facebook post

Cornerstone dental is the best place for all your dental needs! The entire staff is so sincere, knowledgeable, and professional. This is the first time I have not been terrified at the thought of going to the dentist. They really do go above and beyond for their patients. Highly recommend them to anyone. And their [patient loyalty membership] plan is a wonderful deal. Thank you Cornerstone Dental Arts for giving me a beautiful smile!

Christy L. 

Best Dental experience I have ever had.  Staff is extremely friendly and welcoming, it never felt forced they are truly wonderful people. 

Sonja R.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Cornerstone Dental Arts to anyone who is looking for an amazing dental office.  Not only are they warm and welcoming, but they are also patient and understanding when you are nervous or apprehensive at all.  I have never had a more thorough exam than the one that I got when I came here for my very first visit, and they presented all my options, including which steps were priority and why.  I have complete confidence in them, and I have never in my life been able to say that about a dental office before.  I am very thankful that I found Cornerstone Dental.  If you’re looking for a change, this is the place you want to go.  I only with I had found them years ago.  I can confidently say they will be my dental office for the rest of my days! 

Jordan W. 

We moved from California a year ago and heard of Cornerstone Dental Arts on the Hallerin Hilton Hill show.  We both did our first exams and my wife did a cleaning.  By far the best experience at a dental office.  Staff is the epitome of East Tennessee hospitality.  Thank you for the great service!

Michael W.

Had a 6 month checkup.  The staff are always friendly and the service is impeccable.  I have always hated to go to the dentist, but here you are made comfortable and the atmosphere is always relaxed. 

Ellen B. 

My first appointment with them was to repair a broken crown and they were very good about fitting me in (a new patient) and completing the work.  They came up with a plan to do more work and I’ve been very happy with the office staff and dentists.  Dr. Williams has been great.

Laurie B.

Dr. Griffin and the entire staff at Cornerstone are amazing. I had a major procedure done, and I was quite anxious about it. They made me feel like family the entire time; before, during, and after my procedure. I would HIGHLY recommend Cornerstone to ANYONE who is considering making a visit to a dentist office! They are hands down the best.

Frank N.

They did a lot of work at what I thought was a good price.  They worked with my schedule. They’ll be my dentist.  I liked them a lot. The office is beautiful and very relaxing.

Lori H.

Dr. Williams & staff are theeeeee best! Love going to see those wonderful people! Always leave feeling enriched!

Kristy B.

Dr. Williams and Dr. Griffin +ALL your helpers make a team that is Heaven sent!  Never have I felt so cared for in a medical OR dental situation.  I have been to many dentists and oral surgeons, but none of them could hold a candle to you guys!  You are an answer to years of prayer!  God has blessed me, His touch is in all you do! Your team cares about more than the outward smile, your heart is about the inside smile too!  I praise My Lord for sending me to you! And I pray that He will continue to touch each person who walks through the door of your office!  Thank you again for the hugs, smiles, and love… your #1 Fan J

Janey L.

I started going to the professionals at Cornerstone Dental Arts in 2003 because I wanted cosmetic dentistry done and wanted it done by the best.  I have been going to the group ever since, and have never been disappointed in the care I have received or the work I’ve had done.  Each staff person has gone above and beyond my expectations during my visits.  Thank you Cornerstone Dental Staff – you make me smile!!

May B.

When I was a young boy, I had a root canal on one of my front teeth.  The procedure at the time was to leave the tooth in place.  Over the years the tooth became discolored.  I became very self-conscious of how it looked so my response was to simply make sure that no one could see it.  The only real way to do that was to avoid smiling that would show the teeth.  This really became an almost subconscious thing.  Dr. Griffin corrected the problem and now I can’t wait to smile as big as possible.  My only regret is that I waited so long.

Larry B.

Best dentist in Knoxville!  He and his staff always greet me with a warm smile and a sincere desire to help with any concerns.  Thanks to Dr. Griffin, I now get so many compliments on my smile – but it was not always that way. (I was not blessed with good teeth.) He did an absolutely amazing job of restoring my smile, and I am very grateful for the meticulous and caring way he and his staff have cared for me. I am fortunate to have found such a good dentist, and I would highly recommend him to others.

Carol S.

For my wife and I, our regularly scheduled appointment with a dentist had always been one that we rescheduled at least two or three times.  We disliked going to the dentist so much that we would do anything we could to find something that was more important than getting our teeth cleaned.  We had just moved to the Knoxville area from Atlanta and it was time for our bi-annual checkup.  Based on the recommendation of a close friend we chose Cornerstone Dental Arts, and our expectations for what going to the dentist is supposed to be like have forever changed.  Not only did Dr. Stroud and our hygienist, Jennifer, give us the most comprehensive exam we have ever had, we actually found ourselves laughing and having fun while we were there.  Not knowing many people in Knoxville, Cornerstone certainly made us feel at home and it was evident how much pride they take in their work and how much they genuinely care about their patients on a personal level.

Scott & Sarah B.

Too much to say – I am a horribly anxious person in a dentist’s office. I have that ridiculous “fear” that I am out of control in the chair, can’t breathe right, get all panicky – and let me tell you, these doctors and their gentle staff changed my whole outlook on visiting the dentist. I hadn’t seen one in years, totally afraid, and finally made my way to several Knoxville dentists. I never went back to any of them until I found the Cornerstone staff – not only friendly, comforting, caring and actually READ my sheet (where I explained I hate the dentist because it terrifies me) but they then made sure I had every comfort. There was no judging, no lecturing, nothing but care and understanding. I am not afraid any more to call when I have issues. In fact, I don’t DREAD it any longer! Great people. Thank you for your care.

Lauren M.

This is a fantastic practice, very modern with polite, professional employees.  They are very responsive and accommodating and just very nice people in general.  They offer dental implants too as well TMJ treatments.  We just moved out of the area and I brought them a gift because I liked them so much – wish I could have taken them with me!!

Pamela W.

My experience with them has always been excellent.  They’re always very professional and very prompt.  Also, they’re very cutting edge.  They’re clean and safe.  They’re very good at whatever new techniques in dentistry.

Elizabeth H.

Let me start by saying how new, clean, and comfortable this office was! They had very comfortable seating area in the waiting room, along with reading materials, TV, and complimentary coffee.  We were very pleased with the location, ease of access, cleanliness, but most important the friendliness of the staff! They were great! My kids felt very comfortable going back for cleanings by themselves and I felt comfortable letting the twins do just that (7 yrs old)…I went back with my 3 yr old only because it was her 2nd time going to the dentist and I want to see her. She did great. They were patient with her and all her questions and mine as well.??All 3 kids had a great experience and look forward to going back in 6 months for a follow up :)??I look forward to making an apt for myself soon! The dentist was super nice as well as the entire staff!! I just cant say enough good things about Cornerstone Dental Arts! A+ from me and my family!

Tabatha L.

My dentist is Joe Griffin.  He and his staff are excellent.  They know their stuff and it shows.  The Cornerstone facility and staff in general are the best I’ve experienced anywhere and I’ve lived in several areas including Philadelphia and New York.

Patrick H.

I use Cornerstone Dental Arts for dentistry.  I have been with them for 13 or 14 years.

They are wonderful.  We have a very good rapport.  There is not enough I can say about them.  They are all very nice and I feel very secure.

Tessa H.

The office booked me for their earliest appointment, and when I asked that they contact me if something earlier opened up, they called later that same day to actually move me up.  They suggested I fill out registration forms ahead of time to save time the day of my appointment, which was considerate.  My check in was complete in less than 2 minutes, and I was called from the waiting room within 5 minutes of my appointment time. ??

Both Dr. Williams and his assistant Sonja were outstanding care providers.  They put me totally at ease despite my high anxiety, asked many questions about my dental history but also to get to know me as a person.  They made me feel very welcome and comfortable.  Dr. Williams explained every step of the procedure, including showing me pictures and the computer program used for modeling a new crown for me.   The actual procedure was hardly at all uncomfortable and when I felt even a slight amount of pain they seemed to know it and took steps to further anesthetize the tooth.  I left the office after 3 hours with a brand new crown — without need for a temporary and follow-up appointment — and was without any pain whatsoever.  Probably my best dental experience ever, and I am in my late 50’s.??

While not inexpensive, the care I received was “5 Star” and so worth the cost.  I’ll definitely be returning to Dr. Williams and Sonja at Cornerstone Dental Arts for all of my future dental care needs.

Roger M.

We use Dr Stroud, he always makes my son feel comfortable and has eased his dentist anxiety. Dr Stroud is not a Pediatric Dentist but he is very good with kids and my son will not every go to another dentist! We also Love Rebecca she is always so nice. Great!

Wesley R.

My insurance had requested extra paperwork, so I had to complete that. Then I was taken back quite promptly and given a thorough cleaning, x-rays. During that time, Dr. Anderson came in to check on how things were going. Apparently all is well since they haven’t called me back in! They also checked on the mouth guard that I wear to make sure it was still intact. After a good cleaning, it was in much better shape. After 3 cracked teeth, this guard has prevented any more of those unpleasant and expensive problems.

Leoma G.

I have been going there for years and so, it is always a good experience. I think that they do excellent work and I like their staff. My experience with them has always been very good. I would like to grade them highly across the board.

Merilyn H.

They are very good.  My friends recommended them.  None of us had dental insurance at that time, and if we were ready to pay then we want the best, so they turned out that way.  They go above and beyond in receiving Novocain shots in the jaw prior to the treatments.  They do it in a non-painful way.  They do it without letting us know, which is really good.  Their dental hygienists are excellent.  I will give them A+.  The friendliness of the office and efficiency of the staff is A+.  They are very friendly and very professional.  They have 7 dentists in there.

Patrick B.

I have been a patient at Cornerstone Dental Arts for a number of years now, and a patient of Dr. Ben Stroud’s more recently.  To say that I am more than pleased…would be an understatement!  I have found the whole staff to be friendly, attentive to my needs; personable and highly ethical in their approach.  At the present  time, Dr. Stroud is dealing with my TMJ.  He is one of the most compassionate, caring providers that  I have ever dealt with.  I have all the confidence in the world that my problem will be resolved in a timely manner, and that, as always, I will be very pleased with the results!  What else can I say, but that I have found real gems in  Dr. Stroud and his wonderful staff!

Tessa H.

Dr. Stroud replaced my porcelain veneers to achieve a brighter and more symmetrical smile. Included in the treatment was the bleaching of the surrounding teeth, the removal of the old veneers, placement of temporary veneers and then placement of the permanent crowns.

Comments: Excellent! I have a low pain tolerance and it hurt more than I expected, but based on the great results I would do it again. Dr. Stroud is a perfectionist!

Tracy H.

They’ve done quite a few different services on me, they made me crowns, exotic devices, replaced something at a reduced cost when it failed prematurely, etc. They’re friendly and the staff continuity has been fairly good over all those years. It’s a pleasant place to go to for your teeth. Dr. Anderson has seen me in the office on a weekend on at least one occasion for an emergency. The office is friendly and the people know me. There is a new guy there that hasn’t quite got his chair side manner worked out yet. It has occasionally taken some time to get the right treatment.

Peter A.

Dr. Mark Britton and his staff are wonderful! Every member of his staff makes you know that you are very important to them and that they appreciate you choice of them for your dental needs. If you have any anxiety about dental work, you will be very pleased with the courteous, attentive, kind, and cheerful staff that will calm your fears. I’ve been totally happy with the extensive work that Dr. Britton has done for me and my family. He is always very concerned about your comfort, that you understand his recommendations and the final cost, and that you are pleased with the results. If you have any concerns, he and his staff will do whatever they can to ease your mind and fix any problem. You will very soon feel as if you are one of their family and know that they will take especially good care of all your dental needs. In addition, his very comfortable and stylish waiting room has available: a television, a very large assortment of the latest magazines and newspapers, coffee, tea, and even warm homemade cookies! What more can you ask for?! : )

Nancy C.

I am fortunate to be new to Knoxville and to have discovered DR. BEN STROUD at Cornerstone Dental Arts on 8912 Town And Country Circle off of Cedar Bluff in Knoxville. The team working with Dr. Stroud is outstanding and the experience that my family has received was and continues to be OUTSTANDING. I am an experienced dental patient and I know what I’m talking about—your in good hands here.

Keri J.

Doctor Anderson is friendly, and the staff is friendly as well. They see you promptly at the time of your appointment. I have never had to wait at the dentist.

Peter A.