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Cornerstone Dental Arts Blog


March 27, 2020

How Do I Know if I Need Dental Implants?

Filed under: Dental Implants — Cornerstone Dental Arts @ 8:00 am

There are few things worse than not feeling one hundred percent confident about your smile. If you have missing teeth that give you gaps in your grin, then dental implants may be the perfect dental solution for you.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are among the most effective treatment options for missing teeth.

When you receive a dental implant, the first step includes placing an anchor into your jaw bone surgically. This post will be given a chance to heal. During the healing process, it will fuse naturally to your jawbone — much like the roots of your natural teeth. Once the healing process is complete, you will receive your new tooth replacement in the form of a crown.

When are dental implants needed?

Dental implants come into play when you are missing a tooth. Your missing tooth may have been an extraction, or you may have suffered damage or breakage in an accident. Your dentist will help you determine whether you are a good candidate for dental implants, which naturally replaces missing teeth.

It is important to replace any missing teeth in a timely manner. When you lose a tooth, the bone that once supported it starts to lose density. The rest of the teeth in your mouth may start to shift, as the tooth that once helped them hold their place in your jaw is no longer there. This could affect your bite. If your bite is misaligned, it could cause you pain and further problems.

What are the pros and cons of dental implants?

The benefits of dental implants are numerous. This treatment is one of the best available to replace missing teeth. Since it is a permanent solution, you do not have to worry about removing an apparatus, as with full and partial dentures. Since the anchor is designed to fuse naturally to your jawbone, your implant will be safe and secure. You will not have to adjust your lifestyle or diet, and you will care for the implant just like you care for the rest of your teeth in your mouth. As an added bonus, your dental implant will look very much like your natural tooth. Most people will not be able to tell any difference between your implant and the rest of your smile.

There are a few disadvantages to dental implants.

Dental implants can sometimes be expensive, depending on your insurance plan and the coverages available to you. The team at your dental office can reach out to your carrier and provide you with an estimate on the pricing.

Additionally, dental implants aren’t for everyone. There are several factors that could affect whether you are a good candidate to receive this treatment.

Who are good candidates for dental implants?

If you are generally in good health, you may be a good candidate to receive one or more dental implants. During your initial consultation for dental implants, we will do a complete examination to determine whether your jaw has enough density in the bone to support the post that secures the implant and makes it a secure and natural solution to replace a missing tooth.

Some factors that could impact whether you are a good candidate to receive a dental implant include:

  • Age: Some people over the age of 60 may not be good candidates for dental implants.
  • Medical history: If you have had radiation or chemotherapy to treat cancer, you may not be a good candidate. Likewise, if the medication you are taking interferes with bone growth, if you have low estrogen and are postmenopausal, or if you have diabetes that is poorly controlled, it could affect the success of a dental implant. Individuals with gum disease may also not be good candidates.
  • Lifestyle habits: People who smoke or excessively drink alcohol may not be good candidates for dental implants.

Ultimately, the decision on whether dental implants are right for you will come down to communication between you and your dentist.

Are there any alternatives to dental implants?

If you and your dentist decide that dental implants are not the right course of treatment for you, then not to worry — there are several alternatives that will give you the smile that you want.

  • Fixed bridge: A fixed bridge utilizes the two natural teeth on either side of the gap to provide a supportive fix for your smile. Your dentist will reshape the two teeth to accommodate the bridge, which will cover both your gap and your two natural teeth.
  • Partial denture: This removable appliance clips on to your existing teeth to provide coverage for your gaps.
  • Complete denture: Your gums support full dentures, as they rest where your natural teeth once were.

Ready to talk about your own personal treatment plan involving dental implants? Or would you like to know about the dental implant service we provide right here at Cornerstone Dental Arts? Call us with your questions at (865) 531-7117 or read more here.

March 13, 2020

All About Sedation Dentistry

Filed under: In-Office Sedation — Cornerstone Dental Arts @ 8:00 am

Some people have a difficult time going to the dentist. In some instances, that difficulty may be caused by a negative experience at a dental office, sometimes even dating back to childhood. Other times, a person could simply be afraid of the treatment they need to undergo — or perhaps even be fearful of what an exam might reveal about their oral health.

Any time a person is afraid of going to the dentist, it can be detrimental to the health of their teeth and mouth. Everyone should have a close, trusting relationship with their dental team — it’s important for the best possible care, and to empower the patient to take charge of their oral health and participate in any treatment plans they may have. Also, fearful patients may be less likely to address any issues — or even to come in for their regularly scheduled six-month checkups.

Thankfully, there are options for people who simply can’t overcome their fear of spending time in the dental chair — and for all others who might have issues getting dental care for various reasons.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is an option in more and more dental offices. It is a safe and effective way to help ease anxiety and help with a number of different issues that might keep a person from visiting the dentist on a regular basis.

There are several different types of sedation that can be used in this form of dentistry, including:

  • Oral conscious sedation: In this form of sedation, your dentist will have you take medication by mouth prior to your appointment. You will remain awake for your appointment, but the medication ensures that you will not remember it.
  • Nitrous oxide sedation: Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a simple way to help tone down your anxiety. The added bonus is that as soon as your dental treatment is finished and the mask is removed, you will return to normal in just a few minutes.
  • IV sedation: During IV sedation, you will be completely asleep during your treatment. This is best for patients with severe anxiety and/or multiple procedures that need to be performed at the same visit.

Your dentist will work with you to determine which form of sedation will work best for you.

When is sedation dentistry used?

Sedation dentistry can be used to ease anxiety, increase patient comfort and relaxation, help patients who have issues sitting in the dental chair because of pain or mobility, and much more.

A few examples of some dental treatments that may often call for sedation and/or anesthesia of varying levels include:

  • Wisdom teeth extraction
  • Dental implants
  • Root canals

Who is a good candidate for sedation dentistry?

Though sedation dentistry is not for everyone, you and your dentist may decide it is best for you, particularly if you have: 

  • Low tolerance for pain, which can cause you to put off minor restorations like fillings until they become serious enough for root canals.
  • Problems sitting, such as people with neck and back injuries, or children who need extensive dental work but still have problems being still for long periods of time.
  • High sensitivity, including people with sensitive gag reflexes, limiting the access a dentist needs to complete treatments.
  • Volume of work, such as multiple fillings, extractions, or other treatments that could extend your time in the dental chair.

What are the pros and cons to sedation dentistry?

There are many benefits when it comes to sedation dentistry. Perhaps the most important one is a patient’s comfort. When you know that you will not be in any discomfort whatsoever and that you will not have to endure the stress of being anxious before and during your appointment, you are more likely to want to attend your appointments and see your dental treatment plan through. Sedation dentistry can also help streamline your care with your dental team, as they can focus on the task at hand rather than managing your fear.

Some cons to sedation dentistry could include the cost, particularly if your insurance does not provide coverage for the treatment. Other cons are that it might not be the right solution for certain patients based on allergies or health conditions.

Are there alternatives to sedation dentistry?

There are some possible alternatives to sedation dentistry. Some of these practices include relaxation techniques like light-dimming glasses and noise-cancelling headphones tuned to the patient’s favorite soothing music.

The most important thing you can do prior to your appointment is to talk to your dental team about your expectations and feelings going in to a treatment. That way, we can determine the best plan for you.

Does insurance cover sedation dentistry?

Every insurance carrier is different, but there may be a chance that your plan could cover a portion of the cost of sedation dentistry. The best course of action is to call in to the dentist’s office for a consultation. At this point, the dental team will reach out to your insurance to determine what coverages are present and what you might be responsible for paying.

Cornerstone Dental Arts is dedicated to the comfort of our patients. Read more about the sedation dentistry options that we offer here at our office here

If you have questions, we’re happy to get them answered for you. Give us a call at (865) 531-7117.

February 28, 2020

Preventative Care and Services

Filed under: Family Dentistry — Cornerstone Dental Arts @ 8:00 am

Here at Cornerstone Dental Arts in Knoxville, TN, we know that the most important part of a healthy smile is prevention. It’s easier to prevent a problem than correct it, and it’s easier to correct a problem if it’s detected early on. That’s why preventative dentistry is an important cornerstone of the quality personalized care we provide. Biannual checkups and regular cleanings are crucial for patients of all ages.

Dental Checkups

When you come in for a regular checkup, it will most likely begin with a thorough cleaning. One of our highly skilled hygienists will use specialized tools to clean off the plaque and tartar that builds up on your teeth and gums. These tools are able to reach areas of your mouth you just can’t at home with regular flossing and brushing. You will love how clean and smooth your teeth will feel after! After your cleaning, one of our dentists will perform an oral exam. They’ll look for tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, TMJ issues, oral cancer, and more. Having these exams regularly ensures that we’ll be able to catch any problems you might have so we can treat them quickly. 

Children’s Dentistry

We love to make the littlest smiles shine! If you are looking for dental care for your child, look no further than Cornerstone Dental Arts. We provide the gentle, specialized care that children need in a relaxing, kid-friendly environment. Our staff has extensive experience working with children and we welcome the opportunity to help you start good oral hygiene practice from the beginning. We also offer dental sealants for children who are still learning to brush their teeth. Since it’s especially hard for the little ones to reach their back teeth well, we offer the extra protection of dental sealants to protect from cavities. This quick and easy treatment involves applying a thin, clear layer of plastic-based substance to their teeth in order to protect them from plaque and bacteria for years to come.

Additional Services

At Cornerstone Dental Arts, we don’t stop at the all-important preventative care. We offer many additional services, including:

Mouthguards and sports guards – We can provide you with custom-made mouthguards that protect your or your children’s teeth from sports injuries. Each of our mouthguards is a perfect fit for each patient, which makes them much more comfortable and enables them to provide more protection for teeth and gums.

Fluoride treatments – Fluoride is a natural element that can help prevent and even reverse tooth decay. It actually rebuilds the minerals that have been eaten away by plaque. At the end of your checkup, we have you rinse your mouth with a highly-concentrated fluoride solution to help keep your teeth strong in between appointments. 

TMJ therapy – Are you experiencing teeth grinding, a sore or stiff jaw, or even chronic headaches? All these symptoms could point to a problem with your temporomandibular joint or TMJ. As part of your routine checkup, we examine your TMJ, and if you are experiencing these symptoms or we find a problem, we can treat it right here in our office!

•Laser dentistry – With the latest advances in dental technology, we can now use lasers for a wide range of treatments. Dental lasers can be used to treat gum disease, in some cosmetic dentistry procedures, and even to relieve canker sores. Thanks to their extreme precision, laser can make procedures much shorter and less painful. 

•VELscope oral cancer screenings – We include oral cancer screenings as a part of our routine checkups to protect you and your loved ones from missing a crucial early diagnosis of oral cancer. We use a special VELscope light that enables us to see abnormalities in your mouth that would normally be hidden to the naked eye. If we find any cause for concern, we can immediately make an action plan. 

Emergency dentistry – In the event of a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We are equipped to handle a wide range of dental emergencies including knocked-out teeth, broken dental work, and severe tooth pain. And we’re usually able to see you faster than an emergency room or urgent care. 

Sleep apnea therapy – Symptoms of sleep apnea include loud snoring, chronic exhaustion, and frequently waking up out of breath. If you’re worried you might be experiencing sleep apnea, we can help! We offer a simple and effective treatment for this condition: oral appliance therapy. By wearing a small custom-made mouthguard to bed, you can finally get the rest you need. 

In addition to all of these routine services, we also offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services that can be added on to your appointment, like in-office teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding. To find out more or to schedule an appointment, contact us or call us today at (865) 531-7117

February 14, 2020

Love Your Smile Again

Filed under: Cosmetic Dentist — Cornerstone Dental Arts @ 8:00 am

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, and Cornerstone Dental Arts is here to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile you will love!

How can I get get a healthy and beautiful smile?

The most important part of dental health is preventative care. A good at-home oral hygiene routine and regular dental checkups, cleanings and x-rays are vital to maintaining a healthy smile.

At home, you should brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Regular brushing and flossing prevent bacteria from growing and leading to painful and problematic gum disease. Keep a travel toothbrush and toothpaste plus floss in your purse or desk at work and make sure to get any stuck food out of your teeth between meals. When flossing, get between all your teeth and move the floss back and forth carefully. If you have a tough time reaching your back teeth with regular floss, try individual flossers. Many patients report that they have an easier time getting all their teeth flossed effectively with a flosser. When you brush your teeth, be sure to use a good toothpaste as recommended by your dentist. Use the amount as directed on the tube and brush all areas of your teeth and tongue. Don’t miss those hard to reach spots in the back! Spend at least two minutes brushing every nook and cranny of your mouth, and rinse with clean water when you’re done. 

Even if you have an excellent at-home routine, you still need to see the dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning. When you come in for your dental checkup, we’ll do a deep cleaning and flossing, remove plaque and stubborn tartar, and take x-rays. You can also expect a head and neck exam for cavity detection and as a screening for oral cancer. 

If you are still unsatisfied with your smile despite good oral hygiene, you can explore cosmetic dentistry. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, there were over 3 million cosmetic dental patients in 2016 alone! If you think cosmetic dentistry might be for you, call us to set up a consultation. At Cornerstone Dental Arts, we offer multiple services that can take your smile to the next level!

Porcelain Veneers

As one of the most comprehensive cosmetic treatments available, porcelain veneers are a great option if you have multiple cosmetic flaws. They can straighten slightly misaligned teeth, fill in large gaps, fix small chips and cracks, and even instantly whiten your teeth.

Metal-Free Dental Crowns

If you have visible damage to one of your front teeth, the last thing you want is a solution that draws more attention to your mouth. For this situation, you want a solution that offers both restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and our metal-free dental crowns fit the bill! These all-porcelain crowns look and feel natural and can even restore all of your tooth’s lost strength. 

Cosmetic Bonding

A small chip or crack can have a surprisingly negative effect on your entire smile. With cosmetic bonding, you can have that fixed in an hour or less! Your dentist will apply a putty-like composite to your tooth and use it to sculpt away any imperfection. Once it looks exactly how you want it to, they harden it with a curing light. The results are immediate!

Teeth Whitening

At Cornerstone Dental Arts, we offer multiple ways to get the bright white smile you’re looking for. If you want a quick fix, come in for KOR Teeth Whitening. With one in-office visit, we can eliminate years of deep stains and make your smile brighter than ever! If you prefer to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, we can provide you with a customized Nite/Day At-Home Whitening Kit. It takes just two weeks to make your teeth look up to eight shades whiter. 

Will insurance cover the cost of dentistry?

We know that affordable dental care is very important, which is why we at Cornerstone Dental Arts provide a number of convenient payment options to make achieving your best smile yet easier than ever. If you have any questions or concerns about the cost of your care, please let us know. We are always willing to work with you!

While we do not contract with any dental insurance, we are happy to submit claims to any insurance carrier.

If you do not have dental insurance, don’t worry! We are pleased to offer our exclusive Cornerstone Patient Loyalty Program. It provides all of the rewards of dental insurance without any of the hassle. There are no deductibles, no annual maximums, no exclusions, and no waiting period. With a small monthly membership fee, you’ll receive doctor exams, two cleanings per year, all the x-rays you may need, topical fluoride treatments, and even a 15% discount on any additional treatment.

January 24, 2020

Get a Beautiful Smile with CEREC

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When your smile is less-than-impressive, it does not mean you ought to hide your happiness. All smiles deserve to be seen, but why not make yours spectacular? With CEREC, we can create porcelain restorations that are not only stunning, but we can make them in a snap. No more waiting around for days or even weeks for a tooth transformation when you can have your improved smile ready in about an hour! Sounds too good to be true, but we’d never tell a lie. 

Here is what you need to know about tooth restorations made with CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics), why they are so revolutionary, and if you may be a good candidate to get them. 

What Issues Can CEREC Correct?

Do you suffer from a cracked, chipped, or broken tooth? Perhaps your spacing is all over the map. Or you may just want to improve the overall aesthetics of your smile. When a tooth is missing, it can make you self-conscious, as well as compromise the structure of your mouth. One missing tooth can shift everything out of place, causing a permanent problem that won’t get better on its own. Additionally, a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth can further deteriorate, eventually leading to more decay or rotting. Not fun, not fabulous, and certainly not something you’ll want to flaunt. CEREC to the rescue!

If any of these dental issues are impacting you, let’s discuss the option of CEREC at your next dental appointment. This hi-tech system is a permanent solution for your smile setbacks. In nearly no time at all, a porcelain replacement will be milled for your mouth, making what was unsightly so much better. It’s almost unbelievable. 

Only One Hour? How Could It Be?


Today’s amazing advancements in dental technology have changed the game in how long it takes for replacement teeth to be made. Not long ago, getting fitted and having the item formulated took a while. In the meantime, you would be waiting for the piece to come in, with your patience dwindling as the days went by. There was no other option, as you had to get your teeth measured, then the details were sent out to a lab, the pros began the work, and you had to wait patiently for your new smile.

Between the back and forth plus the time it took to get the restoration made, the clock ticked by and you got grumpy. Fast forward to now, and CEREC is a heaven-sent, far speedier solution. Right here in the Cornerstone Dental Arts office within about an hour, the whole process is a piece of cake. Using computer-assisted design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), this one-day restoration process is fine-tuned and super-fast. You will go home that very same day with a smile that you are finally proud to show off. 

It’s So Simple

We shape your tooth to fit the restoration perfectly. Using the hi-resolution technology, we scan your mouth to snap a clear 3-D image of your tooth. The CEREC software does its magic and sends the defined details to the in-office milling machine. Once the dental replacement piece is ready for your tooth, we will carefully cement it in place and you’re good to go. You can even watch the whole thing happen from the comfort of the dental chair. What a show! It is remarkable how precise and fast the whole thing happens. 

You’re Busy…Let’s Get Down To Business

Everyone is so busy nowadays. Who has the time in their jam-packed schedule to come back to the dentist’s office for multiple visits when the days seem to fly by? Of course, you want to take care of your dental needs, but some folks forget about it when the process is painstakingly time-consuming. Understandable, but unnecessary…now. 

With CEREC, the time concern becomes a non-issue. You’ve got a quick morning or afternoon you can set aside for this tooth transformation, don’t you? The zippy nature of CEREC is attractive not only for its accuracy and speed, but for the beautiful end result. The dental pieces made with CEREC are high-quality, long-lasting, and simply lovely. No one will know it is not your real tooth. And you won’t even notice the difference when it comes to chewing, speaking, and so on. You’ll only wish you’d done it sooner.

Are You Interested In CEREC?

Is CEREC calling your name? If you believe you’d benefit from this hi-tech dental restoration solution, give Cornerstone Dental Arts a call at (865) 531-7117. We are happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have about CEREC or your oral care in general. We will help you schedule a consultation and get you ready for a revolutionary change in your smile. We genuinely look forward to treating you and seeing your improved smile shine!

January 10, 2020

It’s 2020, It’s Time To Take Oral Care Seriously!

Filed under: Dental Care — Cornerstone Dental Arts @ 3:55 pm

New Year’s resolutions don’t diminish as the year moves along. When you vow to make your upcoming year your best yet, do not forget your promises to yourself once January 1st has come and gone. You have the strength and stamina to make those rewarding resolutions last, and taking oral care (and your overall health) seriously should be your top priority.

oral care

Oral care is a big concern. If you have not thought about your overall oral health as you tackle 2020, it’s time to get down to business. Your oral health and hygiene is crucial when it comes to your entire body’s benefit. It is essentially up to you to be proactive and persistent, from regular at-home hygiene practices to scheduling dental cleanings twice-yearly. Naturally, the team at Cornerstone Dental Arts is always on your side, supporting your mission to have optimal oral health, not only in 2020 but for the years to come as well.

Here are some simple, yet smart ways to stick to a satisfactory oral care routine that will result in a healthy and happy smile, as well as prevent you from suffering from more pressing health problems down the road. This is not going to be a major adjustment to your already-busy schedule, as oral care can be easy if you work it into your everyday to-dos. With your fresh breath, sparkling smile, and pain-free teeth and gums, you will be glad you’ve decided to step-up your oral care routine and give yourself a boost for the betterment of your whole body. 

Brush And Floss Often And Well 

By now we all know that brushing and flossing is a must-do. We have been told this since we were sitting in the dentist’s chair as young kids. But how much, how often, and does it all really matter that much? At least twice per day is ideal. If you feel the need to brush mid-day after a particularly gooey snack or flavorsome meal, by all means, do so. And if you’ve got something wedged between your teeth, for heaven’s sake, don’t leave it stuck there. Bacteria can grow and lead to painful and problematic gum disease. Whip out some floss and remove that rubbish before something starts to swell…or spread. 

oral care

Use a good toothpaste as recommended by your dentist. You do not have to spend a fortune to find a decent brand that is ADA-approved. Use the amount as directed on the tube and brush all areas of your teeth and tongue. Spend a few minutes each time being mindful of every nook and cranny, rinse your mouth out well, and redo it if you don’t feel quite fresh enough. As for flossing, get in between all your teeth, move the floss back and forth tenderly and carefully. Toss away the used piece of floss and use a fresh piece the next time around. If you are unsure how to floss your teeth correctly, we can go through the process the next time you are in for a cleaning. It is simple and nothing to be scared of. You may need a little time to get used to the unusual sensation, but the feeling will become just fine after some practice.

Book Your Dental Cleanings Twice A Year

You may look and feel great, but your dental checkups are a must. A thorough evaluation will give you the peace of mind that everything is perfect, and we will find issues that are just at the cusp of becoming a concern. It is better to be safe than sorry, so book that appointment and know you are doing all you can for your oral health.

When you come in for your dental checkup, we will do a deep cleaning and flossing, plaque removal, take X-rays, and more. Expect a head and neck exam for cavity detection and as an oral cancer screening. We go above and beyond to be sure your oral health is up to par, and if there is anything we are concerned about, we will address it immediately. If treatment is necessary, we will discuss your options and proceed accordingly. Hopefully, everything is going just fine, and in that case, you’ll leave our office with a squeaky clean smile and a clean bill of health. 

We recommend two general exams yearly unless otherwise specified based on your circumstances. To book your next appointment with Cornerstone Dental Arts, give us a call at (865) 531-7117. We look forward to seeing you.

Make 2020 your year to be overly-cautious about your oral health. It’s so vital to do so, as gum disease can spread and cause heart problems, stroke, and other health issues that could have been nipped in the bud had you been more mindful. There is no time like the present to treat yourself better. Start with your smile!

December 27, 2019

What Are My Options for Getting Straight Teeth?

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You can’t deny the effects of a dazzling straight smile. Not only does it enhance your appearance and provide a boost to your self-esteem, but it may correct a variety of dental issues as well. However, as people will quickly realize, there is more than one option when it comes to achieving straight teeth. Here, we will discuss two of the most common options: traditional braces and Invisalign. 

Understanding what each option is and what it can offer for your smile will help patients identify which solution may be right for them. Your smile is as unique as you are, and Cornerstone Dental Arts is dedicated to making sure the appropriate method is selected! 

Understanding the Orthodontics Process

The orthodontics process starts with an initial evaluation. At this time, the orthodontist will examine your teeth and determine which steps should be taken to correct alignment. You may need additional x-rays and possibly teeth removal to make room for your new smile. No matter which course of action is chosen, patients should expect to have impressions made of their teeth. The patient’s age, condition of their teeth, and long-term goals are considered in order to determine the best course of action moving forward. 

Why You Should See a Specialist

At Cornerstone Dental Arts, we want our patients to have the peace of mind they deserve. We are specialized in orthodontics, and we offer a background of experience focused specifically on this type of dental care. If you are considering your options for straight teeth, turn to the professionals you can count on. Specialists not only have years of experience, but they stay abreast of the latest technology and options, so you are sure to receive the best care possible. 

Straight Teeth is More than a Cosmetic Issue 

It’s certainly true that many people simply want their smile to look better. However, make no mistake that crooked teeth are more than just a cosmetic issue. Not only can improper alignment cause jaw pain and tension, but it could make it difficult to chew, smile, or speak.
Additionally, crooked teeth may make it harder to clean during brushing properly. Improper oral care can lead to a host of problems, including cavities, gingivitis, and other dental diseases.

Alignment issues may also create bad habits, such as grinding. Over time, the repetition of grinding can significantly wear down teeth and lead to the need for even more dental work down the line. 

Not to mention, a crooked smile can wreak havoc on a person’s self-esteem. We often underestimate how much our smile matters in social situations. It can be especially difficult around the workplace, or even when communicating with our family and friends. If your smile is less than perfect, you may find yourself avoiding certain activities. If you want a better smile that can save your confidence and your health, then you’ll want to check out a couple of our straightening options! 

Traditional Braces

When it comes to choices, traditional braces are usually what first comes to people’s minds. This method is well-known, trusted, and the most durable option out there. Modern metal braces options aren’t as noticeable, but they are just as reliable as the traditional braces from years past.

Generally, younger patients are offered traditional braces simply because they are cost-effective and can handle a certain level of neglect that is common with children. Special care should be given to cleaning around metal brackets and bands to ensure that the smile remains healthy throughout the treatment process. Children tend to appreciate the numerous vibrant rubber bands that allow them to customize their smiles a little bit more. 


straight teeth

Invisalign is a terrific option for people who want a virtually invisible treatment plan. Adults and teens typically prefer this method because it is a less noticeable option that still yields incredible results. This method allows us to slowly transform the smile over time without the need for obvious metal braces, which may offer peace of mind to the hesitant patient.

The series of plastic metal trays slowly align the teeth allowing correction to occur in a series of weeks and months. Patients simply have to remove the trays when eating or brushing their teeth. Wear time varies based on the existing condition of the teeth. Typically, patients should expect to wear the trays for at least six months. Patients appreciate the subtle appearance and dramatic results! 


Straight teeth can transform a person’s look and attitude. If you’ve noticed that your smile has impacted the way that you live, then perhaps you should consider orthodontic treatment. 

At Cornerstone Dental Arts, we understand that each patient is unique and requires a customized approach. Fortunately, we offer a variety of orthodontic solutions to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more at (865) 531-7117!

December 13, 2019

Achieve the White Smile of Your Dreams

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Everybody wants a straight, white smile. Not only can a flawless smile make you look more friendly and approachable, but it also gives you a self-esteem boost. If you’ve been suffering from a less than perfect smile, then it’s time to do something about it. 

We understand that imperfections with your teeth can have a lasting impact on a person. That’s why we’re here to help! Let’s discuss teeth whitening options as well as a variety of additional services that can help you get back the smile that you deserve! 

What Are the Options for Getting a White Smile?

At Cornerstone Dental Arts, we understand that a white smile can leave a lasting impression. That is why we offer KOR Teeth Whitening as an in-office treatment. In a single treatment, we can remove years of stains and blemishes so that your teeth look as white as possible. 

However, if you prefer an in-home whitening system, we offer that as well. While the market may be saturated with take-home teeth-whitening systems, our system actually works. In as little as two weeks, your teeth could be up to eight shades brighter! 

Deciding between the two options may take some time. Most people prefer to use the in-office treatment and then follow up with the in-home system as maintenance care. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Whitening? 

Of course, as with any treatment, there are a few pros and cons that you should keep in mind. 

The pros are:

  • You will have a whiter and brighter smile
  • It’s fast and convenient
  • It’s affordable

The cons are:

  • Some people experience teeth sensitivity
  • Stains can come back without proper care
  • You will have to do maintenance whitening treatments 

Be sure to talk with your dentist about the pros and cons that may impact your exact situation. It’s always best to be as informed as possible when making dental decisions. 

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a type of dentistry in which the procedures are done to enhance a person’s appearance. Many people elect a variety of cosmetic treatments in order to regain their confidence and look and feel their absolute best. 

How Does Cosmetic Dentistry Go Beyond Aesthetics?

While it’s true that cosmetic dentistry can make a person look better, the treatments actually go far beyond that. Not only can it help with alignment issues, but it could also relieve some of the anxiety and stress that people may feel about their teeth. 

What Are the Options? 

Cosmetic dentistry includes a variety of options, including:

  • Metal-free dental crowns: Metal crowns can look unsightly. If you have a chipped tooth (especially a visible one in front of your mouth), then a metal-free dental crown may be the right option for you. 
  • Whitening systems: Whether you choose the in-house treatment or opt for the take-home option, you are sure to feel much better about your
  • smile once it is as white as can be! 
  • Porcelain veneers: Porcelain veneers look very similar to your natural teeth. In fact, nobody will know you’ve had work done just by looking at it! 

Not only do these options correct a variety of problems, but they do so in a way that keeps a person’s appearance in mind. 

Contact Cornerstone Dental Arts 

Cosmetic dentistry may be the right option for you! If you are less than happy with your smile, then it’s time to talk to the professionals. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation. Our knowledgeable staff is there to answer your questions and provide the help you need to get the smile that you deserve. Give us a call at (865) 531-7117.

November 22, 2019

I Have Missing Teeth – What Can I Do?

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missing teeth

For some people, gum disease or tooth decay may lead to tooth loss. However, there are numerous options available when it comes to missing teeth. One of the most common solutions is dentures.

Dentures are essentially fake teeth that are removable. They look and feel like natural teeth, and you still must care for them in much of the same manner. However, dentures may not be the best solution for everybody. To learn if this is a possible solution for you, keep reading for more information.


Let’s start by talking about the pros associated with dentures.

Faster treatment process: Other tooth replacement options, such as implants, can require a lengthy treatment process. This means months of dentist appointments and many steps along the way. For those that prefer a faster treatment process, then dentures may be an attractive solution. This process can be accomplished between two and six weeks.

Dentures look like real teeth: Nobody will be able to tell that you are wearing dentures. They look and feel just like regular teeth. Dentists take time to ensure that the teeth match your face structure and look similar to your natural smile.

Supports weakening jaw: Sometimes, as people age, their jaw starts to weaken. However, individuals who have dentures have just a little more support, which helps them avoid a sunken look that other people may experience over time.

Increases confidence: One of the most significant advantages of dentures is that it can give people back their sense of self-confidence. Looking your best helps you feel your best!

Fewer restrictions: The treatment process for dentures doesn’t have as many restrictions as you may have with other options out there. This may be an easier solution for some patients who have difficulty following strict guidelines.

No surgical procedures: Dentures don’t require surgeries associated with dental implants.

More affordable: Dentures are more cost-effective than other options available.


It takes time to adjust: Although dentures look and feel like natural teeth, everybody needs an adjustment time to get used to them. You’ll have to learn how to speak and eat with them, but this usually remedies in a matter of days or a couple of weeks.

Dentures are not permanent: With proper care, dentures can last a long time. However, as you age, you may need your dentures to be re-fitted to adjust to the changes in your face. Typically, replacing your dentures may occur every 5-8 years. However, this will vary from patient to patient.

Infections: If your dentures don’t fit properly, then infections may occur. This is why it is absolutely critical that you seek the care of a skilled dentist.

Who is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

A person who is a good candidate for dentures is someone who is missing several or all of their teeth. Your dentist will evaluate your gums and existing teeth to ensure that this is a viable option for you. Dentures are designed to fit either a partial area of the mouth or the entire mouth. However, if you are only missing a single tooth, then this option is not the best for you.

The Best Solutions for Missing Teeth

It may surprise you to learn that there are many options and features available when it comes to choosing the best dentures for you. Here are a few options that you may hear about:

Full dentures: Full dentures replace the entire set of teeth. Full dentures usually can be completed about 6-8 weeks after the gums have healed following tooth extraction.

Partial: Partials are used when the patient still has some of their natural teeth. If possible, the dentist will try to save as many healthy teeth as possible.

Custom dentures: Customized dentures are made to look as close to your natural teeth as possible.

Immediate dentures: In some instances, immediate dentures may be offered the same day that teeth are extracted.

Implant-supported dentures: In some cases, a dental implant is used to secure the denture. It allows the dentures to be supported and positioned properly.

Schedule a Consultation 

If you are living with missing teeth, then it’s time to get your smile back! At Cornerstone Dental Arts, we know how important it is to have a smile that you can be proud of. If you are ready to look at teeth replacement options, then contact our office at (865) 531-7117. We are ready to answer your questions and provide solutions that you can trust. If you are a new patient, you will find these resources helpful. Reach out to us today for more information!

November 8, 2019

Why Is Family Dentistry Important?

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family dentistry

It’s no secret that having regular dental care is a critical part of your overall health maintenance. However, as your family grows, family dentistry may help ensure that your entire family receives proper oral care now and in the future. Perhaps you’ve considered having your children go to one location while you go to another. Not only can this approach cost time and money, but it may not be in your family’s best interest.

Let’s take a look at why family dentistry is important and why you should consider going this route for your family. 

Why is Oral Health Important?

Oral health can impact more than just your teeth. In fact, gum disease and other dental infections can lead to a variety of healthcare concerns. Your smile can certainly be a source of confidence or stress, depending on how well you take care of your teeth. Making your dental care a priority will not only save your smile but could help you avoid a number of health problems in the future. 

What is Family Dentistry?

Consider family dentistry as an all-inclusive dental care option. Dentists that specialize in this type of care are familiar with dental issues that may arise from birth all the way into adulthood. This is a more general approach to dentistry, which means that every member of your family, big and small, will get the proper care that they need to keep their smile healthy and strong. 

Dentists who offer this approach have experience working with patients across the spectrum. There’s a certain finesse that comes with working with young children as well as adults. A family dentist knows how to work well with both! 

Why is Family Dentistry Important?

A regular oral healthcare routine is critical. Everybody should maintain their oral health by scheduling maintenance and check-up appointments. Family dentistry can help streamline that process a bit. 

Family dentistry is important because it can include your entire family. Not only is this a more convenient option, but it also allows your family to develop a familiarity with the dentist. As you may know, sometimes people struggle with going to the dentist, and having someone that your family knows really well may help relieve some of that uneasiness. 

Let’s face it; sometimes, life can get in the way of appointments. With a family dentist that you know and trust, it’s much more likely that you’ll be able to get every member of your household scheduled in a fast and convenient way. 

What are the Other Benefits of Family Dentistry?

The benefits don’t stop at convenience. It’s much easier to track your dental history if you’ve always just been with one family dentist. There can be a little confusion in record-keeping when your family jumps from one dentist to the next. Save yourself some trouble by finding a family dentist that works for you. 

Another advantage you may not have considered is that going to the dentist as a family can certainly teach your youngsters a valuable lesson. Your kids will see how you approach your dental care, and then they will be able to learn by example. Seeing your example will have a huge influence on your children and will increase the chances that they continue making their oral health a priority in the future. 

How Do you Choose a Family Dentist?

The first thing you should consider when it comes to picking a family dentist is if your insurance is accepted by them. You should also consider their hours of operation, proximity to your home, work, or school, and whether or not their services meet your needs.

You should also consider the personality of the dentist. Is this someone that your family connects well with? You want to be sure that the staff is warm, inviting, and knowledgeable. Don’t hesitate to take a tour of the facility prior to selecting it. You want to be sure that this is a fit that your entire family will appreciate. 

Why Should You Choose Cornerstone? 

At Cornerstone Dental Arts, we understand that family dentistry is a benefit for our patients. We do our best to make sure that everyone who walks through our doors is comfortable and that we answer any questions that they may have. We know that our patients have limited time, and we want to help make the most of it by offering services for the entire family. 

Please contact our office today at (865) 531-7117 to schedule a consultation or to ask more about our family dentistry services. We look forward to hearing from you!